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Bodylove in the Caribbean!

bodylove-logo-with-artWe heard a rumor, checked it out, and confirmed it to be true! Lee's radio drama (that is, the soap opera for which Lee was Head Writer) is back on the air -- on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. The Gospel station Rizzen 102 currently plays an episode of Bodylove every weekday at 12:35 pm Eastern. You can find an online audio stream for Rizzen 102 here, and learn more about the show here ...

MAD MEN and Parenting?

Betty Draper and shotgunKaren (not pictured here; that's Betty Draper) shares on her Psychology Today blog some of the exploration she and her colleagues are doing of the meanings, morals, and messages about parenting on the AMC series MAD MEN. Check it out!

TOM SAWYER on tour again!

Lee's adaptation of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is on the road again! First created for Theatre UAB's "Bookends" tour, this adaptation has now become a standard for Birmingham Childrens Theatre as well. This is their second time taking the show all around the Southeast. Check out this thrilling trailer for the production:

This tour runs from October 2013 into April 2014. Get more details from the BCT web site!

Garnox Rises to Kindle

GARNOX RISESIan's book Garnox Rises is now available for the Kindle reader and Kindle apps!  It's an epic-scale space opera with lots of spaceships and ray guns and savage alien villains.  So if you like that sort of thing -- and who doesn't, really? -- hop on over to with nine bucks and download this latest venture in a young writer's life.

Karen and the Selfies

girl-taking-selfieKaren's article "Selfies and Status Updates: What your social media habits are saying about you" has been read by thousands on the Psychology Today site and received a wide range of responses. What are your thoughts on it? Do you think you say a lot about yourself whenever you point your smartphone lens toward your own face?

Guest of Honor at Sherlock Seattle Convention

sherlock-seattleYeah, me and Laurie King (!) and Leslie Klinger (!) ... I am awed to be in such company.  And I try not to use the word "awed" except when I really mean it. Seriously, I Am Not Worthy. But I'll be there anyway.

The event is called Sherlock Seattle, and is going to be quite the to-do for any and all fans of Sherlock Holmes in all his incarnations and interpretations.  It's all gonna happen at the Broadway Performance Hall in the Capital Hill district of Seattle, WA, October 4th, 5th and 6th, 2013, with the festivities starting on Friday afternoon and running through Sunday afternoon.

Read all about the weekend at!

Reviews for "R.U.R."

gold-star-graphicLinks to some online papers and blogs reviewing 'R.U.R.:

*God bless this guy -- he really understands what we're trying to do and how we're trying to do it.


Video Interview About "R.U.R."

Resonance Ensemble Managing Director Rachel Reiner interviewed me in New York about their production of my adaptation of R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) ... check it out:

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